Vehicle 360° 1080p CCTV

360 degree vehicle CCTV system

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Our unique, genuine 360° Video 1080p Vehicle System

6th Sense Technologies are specialists in providing innovative, configurable state of the art 22 nd Century surveillance systems. One platform to record/manage/monitor all of your CCTV cameras either on-board vehicle or static. 

6ST Eagle Owl vehicle native 360 degree CCTV (raw video, no stitching) gives native over 360° video recording at 1080p resolution up to 25 frames per second.


Top CCTV images are 1080p, bottom images 720p (screen shots are NOT full resolution)


• Native (over) 360° 1080p Hi-Definition video • E Mark certification. EMI compliant
• No blind spots• CAN Bus Data / Telemetry customizable
• Tamper proof footage• No Data loss, Checksum used
• Remote alerts and Live login• Latest Cyber Security. GDPR compliant

The back-office solution that we use has just reached 30k connected devices, evolving by client needs.

6ST will provide your vehicle with office Comms, local storage capturing Black Box Data including GPS, Telemetry, Video and Audio collectively cutting overall costs.

6th Sense Technologies offer the latest State of Art vehicle surveillance and management systems. Designed and built to your requirements. Understanding your specific needs 6ST brings multiple technologies together delivering one effective system.

Dynamic vehicle video recording systems with live CCTV video streaming, alerts and remote viewing. Intelligent automatic/on-demand Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE download/backup.

Eagle Owl systems bring the following benefits (but not limited to). See below for a more comprehensive list 6ST Eagle Owl 360° Vehicle CCTV Solution Details and Videos of actual footage.

  • Improving driver behaviour
  • Unreported damage will be a thing of the past
  • No disputes over who is at fault in an incident
  • Litigation costs reduced or removed
  • Fleet management notifications
  • Assisting in Law enforcement
  • Deterrent against attacks on staff
  • Helping to keep staff and members of the public safe

6st Sense_VanRoof-360degreeCCTV

See below for actual footage and system features - Eagle Owl 360° Vehicle CCTV Solution Details

The correct installation of our products will ensure optimum performance, customer satisfaction and safeguard the integrity of the vehicle. 6th Sense Technologies are proud patrons of FITAS. Please see FITAS Scheme at the bottom for more information.

Specialist in innovative state of the art 22nd Century surveillance systems

One platform for on-board vehicle or static CCTV

360 degree vehicle recording at 1080p up to 25f/p/s with high quality audio

Utilises latest Cyber Security – installed in New York Transport

Intelligently records and automatically downloads footage via 3G/4G/WIFI to server and cloud

Remote access via any laptop or computer

Monitoring panel that flags incidents and data

Easily searchable via a comprehensive Criteria

Telemetry that includes CAN bus, and sensors added as Meta Data

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6th Sense 360° Vehicle CCTV Solution Details

The below systems are designed for vans/trucks, we have systems available for cars, bikes and boats

Attributes 6th Sense 360° Remote 6th Sense
Full 360° external vehicle coverage in 1080p resolution - One camera gives coverage – 194° (horizontal) x 90° (vertical). No Stitching or Calibration required – Images are NOT tampered with         √
Recording at up to 25 frames per/second
Various inputs, such as Incident alert, Indicators, Blue-Lights, Dog Cage Temperature alert to Fleet Control and footage synced Meta-Data *Video Overlay only *
No configuration changes required in the vehicle *Pre configured *
On-board Storage – up to 7 days dependent on usage
Solid State On-Board Storage
Ruggedised Router. Wi-Fi / 3G / 4G / LTE Communication N/A
Automatic WiFi Upload (client owned) or we can supply N/A
Automatic 3G / 4G / LTE Upload (client owned) or we can supply N/A
Automatic Time Sync – UTC (time on footage always correct) *Various ways to Sync *
GPS live and tracked on map for playback – due for release April 2018 N/A
On-Demand – Live remote login to view camera N/A
Granular authorisation for individual users/groups. *Secure onboard login *
Intelligent remote back-up/storage - (many vans/stations to one central server). Saves last point and continues from that point if connection is lost N/A
Checksum created at upload of files N/A
Remote managed asynchronous communication N/A
Auto Reduce Video Quality when no movement – maximising recording capacity
Bespoke Colour Matched Brackets
Fleet operating & management, batch update of all units if needed N/A
Remote System Status Monitoring Panel of connected hardware, such as: damaged cable, failed recording, camera tamper N/A
Remote Alarm Notification N/A
Alarm Footage Automatically Sent to Server and Fleet Control/ARC with pre-event N/A
Configurable Inputs / Outputs
RAID Resilience on your own infrastructure - Client Owned Server or we can supply N/A
On-Board Footage Retrieval via any PC/Laptop with login credentials *As a back-up *
Easy to use player for synchronized playback and export
Simple, fast searching method
Power Consumption – low, could run 24 hours continuous. Various configurations available
Automatically recorded as Encrypted file for court admission – with Player
Flexible to Customise Solution to Client Specific Requirements
Embedding Video Overlay into video files *Synced Meta-Data in footage *
Remote search Footage via all Meta Data, Incident Type, Location, Time etc... N/A
E Mark certification – EMI compliance
Quad Channel – Four Video Streams: Live. Record. In-Vehicle Display (optional extra). Spare
VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) - always the latest features and support available *Local onboard upgrade *
FOTA – Firmware Over The Air Remote update *Local onboard upgrade *
One Platform; Static/Street CCTV can integrate to existing CCTV systems N/A
The Latest Cyber Security – High-Level and constantly evolving along with GDPR N/A
Seamless upgrade to this platform if vehicle already has compatible video system installed
Retro fitting or upgrading existing vehicle CCTV
Monthly charges applicable – subject to requirements N/A
Optional Extras
High Quality Omni-directional Microphone (up to two can be used)
2 Way Remote Communication N/A
One camera gives full internal coverage – 194° (horizontal) x 90° (vertical)
CAN Bus Data / Telemetry Customisable combined with Meta-Data N/A
Internal Driver Display of CCTV Images
ANPR – video analytic run on the vehicle or sever Coming Soon
Facial Recognition – video analytic run on the vehicle or sever Coming Soon

FITAS Scheme

The correct installation of our products will ensure optimum performance, customer satisfaction and safeguard the integrity of the vehicle.

The FITAS Scheme is an accreditation programme, operated by the Federation of Communication Services, and is an ongoing Continual Professional Development programme for aftermarket Auto-Electricians.

The FITAS scheme covers all aspects of Aftermarket Auto Electrical installations including:

Communications | Telemetry | Audio | Security | Video | Driver Aids

6th Sense Technologies recommends the use of FITAS accredited to install their products.

To find out more about FITAS, click below, or email