Video, Management & Security for mobile assets with a 6th Sense 

6ST offers leading In-Vehicle High-Resolution 1080p vehicle CCTV systems with GPS, vehicle data capture, driver behaviour, remote notifications and live streaming for verification.

This will ensure that, should there be an incident the high quality captured video will show details that may be too undefined in more common lower-spec equipment to enable a successful investigation or conviction.

This, in turn, will force drivers to drive more sensibly, meaning it is highly unlikely they will be the cause. Wiping out litigation costs for road incidents, unsubstantiated claims and unreported damage while forcing insurance premiums down.

The information gathered is also of benefit as an aid to fleet management along with the ability to reward or penalise drivers as driver behaviour is logged.

Remote alerts can be received and verified with remote access to the vehicle cameras.


Onboard the vehicle the 6ST Sparrowhawk CCTV system records a wide field of view at genuine 1080p Hi-Resolution around the clock making sure the vehicle is always protected and should any incidents occur, they are recorded in detail. This potentially eliminates (or greatly reduces) litigation costs, injury and related illnesses from assault and abuse whilst acting as a deterrent.
Our system uses market-proven, in-house tested optimum kit selected for its reliability and simplicity.
These products have been specified into Blue Light applications showing they perform at the highest level.


The Little Owl range is designed to provide manoeuvring aids to give drivers a view of blind or hard to see areas around their vehicle to aid in reversing, connecting & moving trailers or checking for instance that the near-side is clear and it is safe to turn left.
Little Owl systems are also installed inside vehicles to monitor the well-being of whatever is inside the vehicle but out of view of the driver. This could be valuable or delicate cargo, plant, trucks or animals - Horses, Dogs, Farm animals……even people (Passengers in Public service vehicles or just the kids in the back!).


Eagle Owl systems bring the following benefits (but not limited to). See above link for more about 6ST Eagle Owl 360° Vehicle CCTV Solution Details and Videos of actual footage.

  • Improving driver behaviour
  • Unreported damage will be a thing of the past
  • No disputes over who is at fault in an incident
  • Litigation costs reduced or removed
  • Fleet management notifications
  • Assisting in Law enforcement
  • Deterrent against attacks on staff
  • Helping to keep staff and members of the public safe


With High resolution, 1080p/1296p recording and 170 degrees view this neat and compact dash-cam offers features only associated with higher priced cameras.
A rear-facing (2nd) camera can be installed internally or externally at 720p.
This is the best camera that we have tested and are pleased to offer a product in line with our company policy of providing great quality, proven products tested by ourselves to give good value to our customers.


Designed to be covert and only turn on at pre-defined times to indicate the whereabouts of your assets, the tracker is undetectable the rest of the time.
If an asset is stolen, say at every 2 am the 6S tracker turns on to indicate its location a recovery is easily made.
Or maybe you have a fleet of trailers and need to know where they are on a daily basis.
Up to 800 days with a rechargeable battery and European coverage.
Perfect for protecting valuable assets and as an additional tracking device for when the main one is found and removed.

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The team at 6ST focus on being a lean and flexible company to provide what our customers need.

Thank you for taking the time and please enjoy our site.

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