22nd Century Vehicle CCTV

6th Sense Technologies are specialists in providing innovative, configurable state of the art 22nd Century surveillance systems. One platform to manage/monitor all your cameras either on-board vehicle or static. Utilising the Latest Cyber Security. Hi-Res 360° vehicle recording systems. Live CCTV streaming, alerts and remote viewing. Intelligent automatic/on-demand Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE download/back-up

Vehicle recording systems with Live CCTV streaming to any device.

Download CCTV on-demand, without waiting for the vehicles to return to base/station, and without any need to access the vehicle, or driver intervention/distraction.

Automatic WiFi download when vehicles return to base/depots, again without any need to access the vehicle, or driver intervention/distraction.

Client Owned; Server and Data Transmission Infrastructure via WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE.

Optional Blue Light/Driver Evaluation (formerly DART - Driver Access Recording Tool) helps improve Rapid Response Drivers to review their actual journeys under blue-light conditions.

Integrating GPS, Telemetry, Driver Behaviour and a host of other features. With superb high definition (1080p), locked down secure solutions that record both video and sound with 360° views both inside and outside the vehicle.

With the safety of employees being paramount the solution protects them with the recorded footage being dated and time stamped, encrypted and able to be admitted as evidence in a court of law to not only safeguard employees but also protect against bogus insurance claims.

Able to be remotely accessed in real time and record for between two to three weeks, it offers highly secure storage, superb detailed telemetry, monitoring panel that gives system information and alerts to any incidents and checks cameras functionality.

Customisable to the customers specific requirements, the system is able to zip stream, offers quad channels and can be backed up to Wi-Fi, server and secure cloud storage.

We are working closely with Global experts that are leading the way with the very latest technologies. This ensures excellent service from tried and tested platforms and allows for future development to deliver a solution that is perfect for your needs.

Covert bespoke brackets to house our discreet lenses.

Brackets are custom designed in 3D and finished to match the vehicle colour code

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