Fire Services

Fire Services are experiencing an increased level of attacks on personnel attending calls. In the last year alone, assaults on staff doubled and in some areas tripled. These assaults can lead to staff absence putting the service under increased strain. Appliances are often damaged and safety equipment stolen, which could have tragic consequences if not, addressed.

In recent years fire fighters throughout the country have increasingly been attacked whilst attending calls. Bricks, bottles, stones, fireworks and other missiles have been thrown at them as well as aggressive verbal abuse. In the last year alone, the number of attacks has doubled nationally, in some areas it has, sadly, tripled. Appliances are often damaged and life saving equipment stolen. These attacks could have tragic consequences if injuries and damaged equipment limit the already short-staffed service. One case of an injured fire fighter resulted in 8 weeks off work; this can affect the delivery and ability of the service.

6th Sense Technologies is a specialist vehicle surveillance company offering 360-degree solutions with full 1080p resolution at up to 25 frames per second with high quality audio.

Our surveillance solution has been designed for easy use and has very high functionality. This includes over 7 days on-board solid-state storage, automatic UTC time sync, remote alerts, streaming of an incident and remote access from any computer or laptop. The remote monitoring panel gives detailed information such as flagging an incident and storage remaining. With GPS for map, time and video playback, Meta Data from telemetry such as blue lights, doors open, incident flagging is bookmarked for easy searching. The footage will automatically upload through 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi and has intelligent remote backup which can restart from the correct point, if connection is lost.

Our system comes with many other features and attributes as standard and we can configure the solution to fit with your specific needs/requirements.