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Industry-leading technology

If you’re looking for high-quality, state-of-the-art electronic security, then you’ve come to the right place.

With more than two decades of experience invested in CCTV and intruder alarm systems under our professional belt, we deploy the latest industry-leading technologies to achieve your security and crime prevention goals.

Three burglaries every hour

There’s no time like the present to act on improving your security when the latest figures* show:

  • There are around three burglaries committed every hour,
  • Half of all burglaries take place in the daytime and 40% at night, (remaining 10% can’t be pinpointed),
  • And, mid to high-end residential and commercial properties, are those classed as being the most vulnerable to opportunist thieves.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin

6ST is founded on the firm belief that “prevention is better than cure” and we’re incredibly proud to boast a proven track record when it comes to providing tailored solutions that perfectly suit the bespoke needs of our clients.

And they work extremely well…….

Proven track record of no break-ins where 6ST technology is deployed

Dean Burgin, 6ST founder, said: “6ST uses leading global manufacturers’ products that are tried, tested and constantly improving to ensure that we deliver the absolute latest and best systems that are available to clients.

Having 6ST security systems in place gives our clients’ peace of mind because not only is it a great deterrent it also does the job it’s intended to do, exceptionally well – and we can prove it.

Having protected millions of pounds worth of customers properties and their assets, circa summer 2019, we’re not aware of any break-ins to any premises where our technology is in place.

And, where an arson did take place, a conviction was secured as a result of high-quality footage from our CCTV cameras.”

So, why not get in touch to see how we can work together to improve your security with a bespoke package for your individual needs?

6ST offers leasing options for its technology to help customers to spread the payments and offset tax.

*Figures are based on 2018 data.

Several factors to consider when deciding on your security solution:

  • There were almost 3 burglaries every hour in 2018 that emotionally affected around 90% of victims,
  • Around 50% of burglaries happen during the daytime - compared to around 40% in the evening (the remaining 10% can’t be sure when a burglary occurred),
  • There’s also the time and inconvenience victims are left with in trying to claim and replace stolen items, some of which, if there’s emotional attachment, can never be replaced,
  • Reports show that mid to high-end value properties, commercial and residential, are most vulnerable from opportunist thieves,
  • When the nights get longer, and Christmas approaches, the level of opportunist crime traditionally rises,
  • It’s also feared that, with less money being spent and livelihoods lost as a result of the Brexit uncertainty, and uncertain potential impact for the near future, this could also negatively impact crime.

CCTV Systems

6ST uses only the highest-quality products both in build and performance to ensure you receive long-lasting and trouble-free protection.

Our latest range of CCTV systems record 4-64 channels up to 4K hi-resolution (4 to 12 Mega-Pixel CCTV systems), resulting in amazingly clear, high-quality video.

With the addition of AI (Artificial Intelligence) allowing for Facial Recognition, Loitering Detection, Crowd gathering detection, Line and Area trip-wire and Direction counting.

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Intruder Alarm Systems

As with all 6ST security systems, we use the latest technology available on the market when it comes to our wireless security alarm systems.

Our PowerG offer redefines wireless security because it boasts what is, as yet, an unseen combination of range, performance, quality, efficiency and advanced features.

Manned ARC (Alarm Receiving Center) / Monitoring Center available for less than a packet of polo mints a day.

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Integration of 6ST CCTV and Intruder Detection

6ST specialises in the integration of leading technologies to give the best possible security solution for every unique environment and its individual set of requirements.

Marrying Intruder detection with a high-quality CCTV system gives the best possible defence. Firstly it is a massive deterrent which can prevent an incident and secondly if you are a victim then it becomes a serious aid in damage limitation.

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Find more out about how 6ST save you from worry, or worse a break-in, by calling us on 0330 380 9696.



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