Vehicle CCTV for Vehicle Converters

6ST offers the latest in-vehicle CCTV

Hi-Resolution 1080p vehicle CCTV with genuine (not stitched) captured video that is admissible in court because it has not been tampered with.

No time-consuming calibration, screwing and aligning, tweaking and locking off cameras and no programming/setting up vehicle DVRs.

6ST 360° Vehicle CCTV Systems give unique coverage and recording (over 360°) in full Hi-Res 1080p Native video. These systems come pre-configured to End User requirement, all parts have ID tags and are delivered labelled per vehicle UID and the system is compact and easy to install.

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Hole drilled for the cable, feed the lens through the bracket and fix the bracket to the van


Our engineers work with you and the End User throughout the road map to delivery and in after-sales support.

The 6ST 360-degree vehicle CCTV system comprises of components that all have vehicle E Mark / EMI Compliance Certification.

6ST 360 Vehicle CCTV uses the latest technologies and is a future-proofed and flexible system that can be tailored to End User needs and budget.

Over 360° 1080p Hi-Res Native (raw) Video • E Mark certification. EMI compliant
• No blind spots • CAN Bus Data / Telemetry customizable
• Tamper proof video and audio evidence • No Data loss, Checksum used
• Remote alerts with video/data and Live login • Latest Cyber Security. GDPR compliant

The back-office solution that we use has just reached 30k connected devices, evolving by client needs.

6ST provides vehicles with office Comms, local storage capturing Black Box Data including GPS, Telemetry, Video and Audio collectively cutting overall costs.

6ST systems bring the following benefits (but not limited to)

Improving driver behaviour • Unreported damage will be a thing of the past
• No disputes over who is at fault in an incident • Litigation costs reduced or removed
• Fleet maintenance notification • Assisting in enforcing the law
• Deterrent against attacks on staff members • Helping to keep staff and members of the public safe

Coverage achieved with a 6ST 360° CCTV system

6st Sense_VanRoof-360degree-opaque-toprint

Internal bracket and lens for cell compartment - leaving no blind spots. Behind the small hole below the bracket is a high-gain microphone.