AI Artificial Intelligent CCTV

The latest in AI (Artificial Intelligence) CCTV for Homes and Businesses

Intelligent Active Security System at the Right Price - with Amazingly clear CCTV footage

Loads of extra features where the power of AI can support our needs
What do you want it to do for you - just ask!

  • Facial Recognition
    Capture faces for later comparison
    Compare faces for authorisation
    Trigger alarms/alerts when unknown faces approach
    Link events to who is present
  • Loitering Detection
    Be alerted if people are in an area for too long
    Possible damage/break-in prevention - move them on before they can create a problem
    Be alerted from suspicious behaviour. Prevent theft and vandalism
    Avoid spurious alerts when someone is just passing - you want to know when someone approaches your property but maybe you don’t need to be alerted every day when the milkman delivers!
  • Crowd Building Detection
    Be alerted before a crowd gets too big
    Prevent too many people gathering in one place
    Crowd management. Prevent crush. Open a new gate to allow spill. Alert managers to get more staff to busy areas
  • Line or area Trip Wire
    Crossover detection - raise alarm or start recording if customers get near high-risk stock
    To know when someone is approaching

Osprey AI Management CCTV Recorders

  • Facial Recognition - face detection refers to detecting and positioning key features of the face. The main face area is cropped and analysed according to the facial features, shapes and angles. After pre-processing data is computed with the recognition algorithm and compared to existing images in the database for comparison.

  • Loitering and Wandering Detection - with an area set in the camera's image a threshold is set to measure time and movement within the area. If the threshold value is exceeded the alarm will be triggered. Perfect early warning system to deter would-be burglars and shoplifters and to warn if an area has been entered such as someone has got too close to something they shouldn't.

  • Crowd gathering detection - detects and analyses a specific area where people may gather. If the density exceeds the set threshold an alarm will be triggered. Used as an advance warning to situations that may get out of hand and even to possibly prevent crushing and assist in queuing situations.

  • Line trip-wire Direction Detection - once a line is drawn on the camera's view settings can be made for crossing in either or both directions. When the line is crossed and the threshold met the alarm will trigger. Perfect for being alerted to someone entering an area or defending a perimeter.

Full Software Suite for Remote viewing and Alerts

Simple to use APP/software enabling remote viewing via any mobile device or PC and Mac - so that you can keep track of activity at your property or all of your premises no matter where you are.

This 24/7 CCTV system records around the clock and indicates on a search timeline any AI alarms or motion detected, making it incredibly quick and easy for you to search back through CCTV footage to the exact period of time.

Real-time CCTV images

The same is true if there are any sensors connected - either the motion or sensors can be treated as alarms. Both send real-time CCTV images back for you to view remotely to confirm intruder verification, or enable you to search back through pre-recorded footage to the moment in question.

By linking together CCTV systems, with no geographical constraint, 6ST is also able to connect any or all of your premises so that you can view them simultaneously in one place.

In addition to offering overt CCTV cameras, which are proven to act as a deterrent across the board, 6ST can also offer covert cameras if you have suspicions over staff misconduct, such as stealing for example, that could confirm concerns and, where applicable, help to secure a prosecution.


6ST uses only the highest-quality products both in build and performance to ensure you receive long-lasting and trouble-free protection.

Our latest range of CCTV systems record 4-64 channels up to 4K hi-resolution (4 to 12 Mega-Pixel CCTV systems), resulting in amazingly clear, high-quality video.

With the addition of AI (Artificial Intelligence) allowing for Facial Recognition, Loitering Detection, Crowd gathering detection, Line and Area trip-wire and Direction counting.

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As with all 6ST security systems, we use the latest technology available on the market when it comes to our wireless security alarm systems.

Our PowerG offer redefines wireless security because it boasts what is, as yet, an unseen combination of range, performance, quality, efficiency and advanced features.

Manned ARC (Alarm Receiving Center) / Monitoring Center available for less than a packet of polo mints a day.

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