We are aware of the increasing and despicable attacks on our emergency services personnel and the amount of money that is spent by our government and businesses in litigation costs from allegations and violent attacks on people, vehicle collisions and incidents.

Having a great knowledge of technologies and video systems we decided to think about how we can drive down these mindless attacks and start saving our country and it’s businesses money...we formed 6th Sense Technologies Limited

Giving the best protection 6th Senses latest 360 degree vehicle CCTV solutions record (overlaps at each corner) around your vehicle in Native 1080p (full high definition video) and high quality audio with Live streaming to any device.

Intelligently records video (locally) to drastically save on the required storage then automatically and intelligently downloads footage to your server via your own infrastructure. Footage can also be stored securely in dedicated internet/cloud based servers.

A host of local connectivity such as telemetry, CAN bus and sensors can be added to the footage as Meta Data. All footage is easily searched via many criteria. With remote management console constantly checking all of your connected systems this logs all incidents and indicates any errors.

One platform to manage and secure all your vehicles, drivers and host all your video whether on a vehicle or a static CCTV solution.