The Future of Secure Surveillance

Our systems will help to drive down litigation costs, injury and related illnesses whilst acting as a deterrent

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6th Sense Technologies are specialists in providing innovative, configurable state of the art 22nd Century surveillance systems. One platform to record/manage/monitor all of your CCTV cameras. Either on-board vehicle or static - 6th Sense is always protecting your home and family or your livelihood and business.

The systems we have are fully configurable to client requirements and future proofed using the latest and best manufacturers who are also industry leaders.

Specialising in the very latest video systems available 6th Sense are able to deliver the right security system for your needs and budget.

The Future of Vehicle Surveillance – Dedicated systems to safeguard the Emergency Services, Public and Private Transport, Vehicle, Haulage and Fleet

6th Sense Dynamic vehicle video systems give over 360° CCTV recording at 1080p. Requires no stitching or calibration - there is no tampering, genuine footage for evidence.

All incidents are seen and recorded - unreported damage is becoming a thing of the past and drivers learn to respect vehicles and drive more sensibly.

Insurance will be reduced while litigation cost drastically reduced or even removed.

All equipment is EMI compliant with E Mark certification.

6ST quipment is the highest quality, long lasting, future-proofed and fit for purpose - saving money over the life of the vehicle. Retro-fit, reinstall from end-of-life or damaged vehicles.

The Very latest Security Systems – For Your Home and Business

You are in safe hands, we at 6th Sense have over 20 years experience in alarm and CCTV systems.

We only supply and install quality systems that come from leading manufacturers and stand the test of time.

All installations undertaken by 6th Sense are carried out professionally and we understand the importance of customer support and after care.

We appreciate that we all have different requirements. This is why we like to chat and understand our clients needs and wants, we can then ensure the right security for you and your property or properties.

Alerts From 6th Sense CCTV and Alarms – No Matter Where You Are

6th Sense CCTV and Alarm systems are designed with remote access and alerts in mind – no matter where in the world you are. Most issues occur when you are not there. It is paramount that you know there is a problem occurring immediately. Then a need to verify what the problem is, so having remote “on-demand” viewing is essential.

Ultimately to able to see what triggered the system alarm from actual footage at the precise time of trigger. Whilst that may be frightening it allows you to react accordingly with the correct response.

This exists with the latest 6th Sense systems. Protecting effectively all of your assets whether static on your home, business, street or mobile on your fleet of vehicles.